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Q: Do these eBooks actually work?

A: Absolutely. I can’t tell you the huge number of producers on Soundclick that are making thousands of dollars online. I’m honestly not the best producer on Soundclick, at all. Not even close. Yet I still find no trouble selling my beats because I understand several strategies. You have to realize that these eBooks are brand new, the information is up to date and real.

Q: Why are you selling this information for so cheap?

A: When I was coming up, I felt stranded and alone. It’s extremely hard to get successful producers to share their secrets with you. In fact, when I wrote these eBooks I actually received a lot of harsh words from other producers who were mad at me for giving away their secrets! The truth is, everybody deserves a shot, and if you got what it takes, then I will be there to help you get even further.

Q: What makes you qualified to teach us this information?

A: I like to consider myself a marketing guy. When it comes down to it, I love marketing as much as I love music. They’re both my passions. This eBook has done very well, my beats have done well and so have my rhymes. That’s right, in case you don’t know this, I am also a rapper. I am Halfbreed of Faded Theory and I have a distribution deal through Warner Bros Digital Distribution. My next album will be extremely successful, as is my beat selling site, as is my information selling site. I am only here to spread knowledge. I wouldn’t put this project out if it wasn’t real.

Q: How does delivery work?

A: As soon as your payment is complete you will be sent an email which will include your unique download link. In short terms, it’s standard instant delivery.

Note from the Author

I know exactly how you feel, because I used to be in the exact same spot. I would make beats every day, advertise constantly on MySpace, Soundclick and Forums and STILL not making any money at all. I even got to the point that my Soundclick was receiving 15,000 plays a day, yet I was only making $100-$300 a month!

The question stayed in my head for a very, very long time. How do I make more money on Soundclick? How can these guys say they’re making thousands of dollars off Soundclick alone? Is everybody just lying, trying to make themselves look good?

I was depressed almost constantly because I felt like I had to work a 9-5 for the rest of my life. If I couldn’t get this production business off the ground, I was sure to stay in the same exact place for a long time. Way too long.

One day I went nuts! I bought every eBook I could find online about internet marketing, went to the library and banged out huge numbers of articles and books, watched huge numbers of videos and more. I started to finally understand why making money on the internet was possible.

There is an ENDLESS number of rappers online, all trying to purchase beats. Seriously. If you doubt that, you need to start thinking. Anybody with a pen can write a rap, you don’t need any resources for it. To be a producer, you need equipment. For that reason alone, there are easily 10x as many rappers as producers. I would think that number to be even higher than that.

Read this sales page, at least. Maybe you’ll learn something even if you don’t download the eBooks!


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