How a Squeeze Page Works and When to Use It -

How a Squeeze Page Works and When to Use It

Today I wanted to talk about squeeze pages just because it so happens that I’ve been hired by multiple customers lately to design and create simple squeeze pages built on functionality. First let me explain what a squeeze page is for those of you who might not know. A squeeze page is a web page dedicated to getting people to join your mailing list. Almost always an offer is added as incentive to help people make the decision to join your mailing list.

If you can give away a couple of free beats in exchange for the name and email address of a targeted lead, then you will have that email lead for further marketing in the future. It’s one of the best ways to assure your own success whether you’re using paid ads or free advertising opportunities. What sounds better to you: sending traffic to a page that may or may not make immediate sales? Or would you rather send your traffic to a squeeze page with a 30% opt-in rate, so roughly one out of every three clicks you pay for through paid advertising actually join your mailing list?

Keep in mind once they’re on your mailing list it’s as easy as can be to promote to that list. In fact many of the people reading this blog post likely came from my mailing list, are you one of them? I can’t stress enough how important it is to gather leads onto your mailing list instead of just blindly sending visitors to your website. If you get them on your mailing list you can create a relationship with them that lasts. And to be honest, there is simply no other way to succeed in today’s industry.

I would MUCH rather have ten really good clients who know they can trust me and will come to me every single time than have twenty clients who will buy from me once and never speak to me again. Building a customer relationship is at the top of my list of priorities. And why do you think that is? I focus on building the customer relationship because it lands more sales, sure. But that’s only a fraction of the reasoning behind building relationships with customers. Aside from landing more sales, you just generally have happier clients.

Actually making clients happy and over-delivering is a game changer. Not only will these clients come back to you time and time again, they will also refer their friends to you when they need work done as well. For instance if you’re trying to sell beats then getting your beats done quickly, efficiently and with high customer satisfaction can really be a game changer, especially considering that beats are one of those products that will just keep on giving.

If somebody contacts you and buys a beat from you, you want to be the guy who is responsible for then producing that artist’s entire album. While it’s difficult to get a client to invest into an entire album deal, it is most certainly possible to over deliver on your client’s expectations and get them addicted to your services. For instance we make more custom beats than anything else because our clients know they can contact us, hire us to make a beat, and they will not regret the process. In the end they will get great music made and they’ll love it.

If you want to know more about how to make a decent squeeze page, feel free to visit this page and learn a little more about the steps necessary to set up a very basic squeeze page and email marketing plan. Also feel free to purchase one of our products to support our movement.

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