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As a person who has been constantly promoting and advertising my businesses for a period of many, many years, I must admit that at times I used to get frustrated with traffic generation. It was a world I hardly understood, and though I even achieved top 10 rankings all across Google for my websites, it wasn’t enough.

But lately, things have been changing dramatically for me. My life has turned around from picking up pennies and hoping to support my family off a meager $1,000 per month, to pretty much the opposite situation in a very short time. Now I don’t worry about website traffic or where it’s going to come from, and I must admit it’d be pretty hard to kill my business right now. I am raking in money in the 6-digit range, generating $8,151 per month selling my own products that I made myself. It wasn’t always like this, either, these are all new developments.

You don’t even have to pay for traffic to get sales & leads these days, there are so many ways to drag thousands of visitors to your site every month using YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other free sources you were probably kept in the dark about… Until now.

Instead of just going crazy, ripping out your hair and screaming at your computer screen hoping for an easy way to come up in this industry, WHY NOT JUST CUT THE CLUTTER! You only need ONE course, and it’s on this page. Once you have it, you will never need another traffic generation method in your life. If you wanted to, this could be your way out!

Let’s cut the gab and get right to the point here. What YOU need is more leads, more traffic, and more money in your pocket every month. You NEED this course, so let me just tell you what’s inside, in case you have any doubts at all.

Here’s a few pretty obvious reasons why you absolutely NEED this course and should pick it up RIGHt now before it’s off the market forever:

Create a Squeeze Page With a
42% Opt-In Rate!

What if you sent 100 visitors to your website, and over 40 of them subscribed to your mailing list? Well, if you’ve ever heard “The money is in the list”, then you’re probably intrigued. The truth is that I LIVE off my list, and most of my competitors will tell you the same thing about their businesses as well. You can straight up make a LIVING just by building your list and sending that traffic to targeted offers.

Good thing I TEACH YOU exactly how I build squeeze pages with opt-in rates of 42% and higher, as you can see in the YouTube video I provided above, in case you have your doubts 😉

Once you get your list up to 1,000-2,000, even at that rate, you will immediately know the power of your mailing list. It is my hope to have a mailing list of 400,000+ within just a few months, and why would I want that? Because big lists DELIVER SALES! This has been true since the dawn of the internet, and since the dawn of marketing, really!

Any time you can have direct 1 on 1 contact with a lead, you will find that you can deliver sales pretty easily. With a social network, it’s not really 1 on 1 interaction… For instance on Facebook it’s not 1 on 1 marketing, it’s marketing to a big group of people, and your posts aren’t always seen.

When it comes to actually getting a hold of each lead on a 1 to 1 basis, there’s only a couple ways to do it. Either send them a card to their home address, give them a phone call (which both take up way too much time and resources), or send an email. Emails are instant, 1 on 1 marketing and have the greatest ROI of any social network or contact platform in the world. And to think, you could!

So that’s all stuff you’re going to learn, but why stop there…

“Discover the Latest Strategies for using YouTube to Promote Your Products & Services, Bringing Thousands of New Leads to Your Website Every Month for FREE!”

If somebody asked me about two years ago what my favorite traffic generation technique was, I would certainly have said Google. Now-a-days, it’s a lot different… I believe that YOUTUBE is one of the greatest places in the world to generate massive traffic to your website starting right now.

YouTube traffic is 5x more likely to buy and opt-in then non-video traffic! That makes the quality of traffic EVEN HIGHER THAN SEARCH ENGINES/GOOGLE TRAFFIC!

If that isn’t enough, though, then let me enlighten you to all the additional information you will be learning in this course:

“How You Can Use Memes on Facebook to Drive Thousands of Targeted Visitors, & Drive Thousands More Per Month with Twitter for FREE!



Want to Have $8,176.11 Pouring Into
Your PayPal Account Month After Month?

Are you under the impression that there just MUST be some sort of magic bullet traffic generation system that works for just about any business without much hassle at all, and with minimal work? Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there IS such as technique.

If you actually understood how easy it was to deliver tons of high quality, targeted traffic to your website through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, you might just throw in the towel right now because you would FEEL like you’ve been WASTING your time for years!

Facebook, YouTube and ESPECIALLY Twitter have become easier than ever to take over! Don’t think for one second that this kind of marketing is out of the picture, because these days its some of the easiest traffic you can possibly get. Be sure not to miss out on this amazing course, or you WILL miss out!

“We Generate Over 1,000 NEW TARGETED FOLLOWERS on Twitter Every Single Day !



Wait, WHAT???!!?!!

If you’re not excited about us teaching you our exact methods to bringing in over 1,000 new followers to your accounts EVERY DAY, which you can easily translate into sales, leads and tons of mailing list opt-ins, then I don’t know what I can say for you.

Because once you see results like the ones we’re showing you on this page, the normal “sane” marketer would KNOW to opt in immediately, without a seconds delay. Why wait when you could literally make more money than anybody you know right now, by working from home on your computer?

“How We Pull Beat Sales from $1,000-$4,000 in a Single Day, With Hardly Any Work at All!”


Ever think to yourself, ‘What if you could generate thousands of dollars per sale with minimal work ethic?’… Well, the truth is that you can! As an artist of marketing, you should always look to how you can sell your product for much higher prices, and how you can market it for more money than ever before.

But this isn’t going to be easy, and it’s not all about hit or miss luck! It’s mostly about quality, and finding the right audience who wants to pay top dollar for top quality. We teach you all about quality, how to bring your satisfaction rate way up for customer service, and how to deliver multi-thousand dollar sales as if it were easy!

“Let us Teach You What we Know about the Panda & Penguin Updates by Google, which are Changing Lives and Destroying Businesses! Don’t fall victim to the Penguin!!!”

When the Panda update came out on Google, sure, it made a lot of commotion and change in the search engines, specifically Google… But after that, a lot of people were lost and didn’t know what to do.

The craziest part about these updates is that even WHITE-HAT SEO doesn’t work in some cases with these new updates! It’s more about your website and exactly what visitors are doing with it, AS WELL as hundreds of mistakes you could be making in SEO-world with these new changes.

Arm yourself with the right information! This is 2012, and the traffic generation methods for today’s market are a lot different then they were before. Don’t get smacked by a penguin! Check this course out IMMEDIATELY.

“We Even Show You a Beat We Made Worth $500-$1,500, And Explain How/Why YOU Can Get Your Beats Selling for Just as Much”

Since we are making lots of big sales lately when it comes to beats, wouldn’t you like to know exactly what goes into a beat that SELLS for that much money?

Well in order to make sure you get what you are looking for, we went ahead and took the extra step to make sure that you will get your full money’s worth for this under priced product…

We added a video as a bonus for all you music producers out there that will show you EXACTLY how we can be 100% sure that a beat will sell for a higher price. Keep in mind that, on average, beats in the online market sell exclusively for $200-$300. So when we pull tons of sales at $1,000-$1,500 per beat in the ONLINE market (the same market you promote to), then this is information you want to listen to.

Top Reasons to Buy This Course Below:

1. Discover Twitter marketing tricks for 1,000+ followers DAILY (real, targeted followers). This is by far some of the most powerful information we’ve ever released.

2. YouTube charts system revealed: Gain massive free traffic on YouTube. Not just for today or tomorrow, but constantly in a way that builds upon itself.

3. The Panda & Penguin update with Google, how they effect you and what to do. Lots of companies are going under during these tough times, don’t be one of them!

4. Email marketing tactics to double your traffic by keeping old traffic coming. We live off our mailing lists for all of our businesses, are YOU doing it right?

5. Watch us create a beat worth $500-$700, and let us break down for you how pricing works for any beat, and how to judge if it’s worth $1,500 or $200 in the online market.

6. Facebook marketing including Memes and how to make sure they generate targeted traffic to your offers. Don’t waste your time getting random, useless traffic to your site.

7. Much, much more…

Nuclear Traffic Meltdown

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P.P.P.S. As an artist, you CAN live off your beats but there’s no way that you’re going to be able to do so without arming yourself with the right information.

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