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Newest Courses:

“Video Marketing Magic”
Discover how video marketing can be used to bring about intense results!

“Beat Selling Monster”
An extremely powerful course showcasing social, SEO, viral and other strategies that WORK in 2018!

“Web Design Crash Course”
Learn how to build your own epic website without the HTML knowledge!

“The Ultimate Salesman”
Making money is so much EASIER with exceptional salesmanship!

“Power the eBook”
Discover how to use the 3 forms of power to build your business dramatically very fast.

“The Reverse Engineer”
Soundclick & YouTube: HACKED!!! Take over the beat-sellers favorite website, Soundclick.

“Viral Google Domination”
Learn how to rank your sites after Penguin/Panda! Viral back links are the only way.

Courses on Clearance:

Starters eBook Series
Soundclick, Forums & the Basics. This is great for beat sellers who just want to know where to start.

“Nuclear Traffic Meltdown”
Get 1,000’s of TARGETED Twitter followers daily, use Facebook/memes to drive massive traffic, make beats that sell for $500-$1500 online, YouTube strategies that work AND Google update news? A powerful course.

“The Beat Down”
Drive 1,000’s of Visitors for a Penny Per Click! A great Google Adwords trick, with email marketing info.

“The Sales Thief”
Literally STEAL Sales from your competitors. They’re yours for the taking!

“Automation Mindset”
Media buys, squeeze pages & advanced marketing. One of the most popular courses we have!

“eBay Quick Cash Machine”
Need cash to start your beat business? You don’t even need products for eBay!

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Other Services:

“Become Our Student for 30 Days!”
($197 for 30 Days)
Get in touch with the CEO of this company, and ask questions for 30 days!
“Website Design & Creation”
A link to our website design company. Full website design & creation, including graphics and high quality marketing integration, while 99% of designers know NOTHING about marketing, we do, and in your case we know more about selling rap beats than any other web design company in the world right now. Take advantage of our competitive pricing, high value delivery and more.

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Video Marketing Magic
Powerful Video Strategies
Read more / Buy ($39.99)

Beat Selling Monster
The Best Strategies 2015
Read more / Buy ($59.00)

Power eBook
Gain Power in Business
Read more / Buy  ($25.00)

Nuclear Traffic Meltdown
Twitter, FB, YT, etc.
Read more / Buy ($49.95)

The Game Plan
Good "all around" course
Read more / Buy ($24.95)

Automation Mindset
Media buys & automation
Read more / Buy ($34.95)

eBay Quick Cash Machine
Make Side-Income on eBay
Read more / Buy ($30.00)

Web Design Crash Course
Design a website, easy!
Read more / Buy ($97.00)

The Ultimate Salesman
Sell, sell, sell!
Read more / Buy ($34.95)

The Beat Down Course
$0.01 Clicks in Adwords
Read more / Buy ($29.95)

Beginner eBooks 
3 Starter eBooks Package
Read more / Buy ($16.95)

The Sales Thief
Steal competitor's sales
Read more / Buy ($19.95)

The Reverse Engineer
Rank on Soundclick, YT
Read more / Buy ($39.90)

Viral Google Domination
Ranking on Google 2013
Read more / Buy ($49.95)

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