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What if I told you that not only can you sell beats online easily but that beats sell faster than most digital products!! You can start selling beats over and over again without ever giving up exclusive rights!! You don’t even need to know anybody in the industry, so before you leave this page, allow me to teach you how to sell beats….

…Let me take you by the hand and tell you the facts about how to sell beats NOW even if you’re starting with $0 in your pocket and a simple beat making program like *Fruity Loops, *Reason or *Garageband…


I’ll Teach You Exactly How to Build and Market a Beat-Site that Creates an Auto-Pilot Income so You Can Quit Your 9 to 5 Desk Job & Live Your Dreams!

Most producers forget that if you want to learn how to sell beats online, you need to start thinking like a business person instead of beat maker! How can you grow your company in a way that will sustain your life’s goals? How can you afford that new car? Or that new MPC? How can you turn your Soundclick into a money generating machine so you can be selling beats online daily? On that note, let me ask you a Soundclick related question…


The Beat Market is Expanding Daily!

There are over 1.8 million beats competing in the Soundclick charts as of October 2nd, 2014!

*That number was 850,000 in 2007!!*

More and more producers are catching onto the fact that you can sell beats on the internet and selling beats is as easy as finding the right websites and starting your adventure!

You might be asking, “What does this guy know anyway?”
This is my new Soundclick’s statistics from one of my older pages. Not to mention my beat selling site is doing great!

Over 5 million rappers have come to my website and many of them are customers.

I still sell beats online every day.


My Soundclick Page Still Brings In $3,000/Month by Topping the Charts!
All of the money I made in July 09 came from beat selling on Soundclick. I did not have any other form of income at this time, I made $3,000 selling beats in July!

Now it’s been YEARS and I’m still making money online every single month. The difference is, while I used to make $3,000 on a good month, with high promotion costs back then rounding up to $800 every month, now I make big sales all the time, some of which are over $3,000 by themselves.

This next image is my page statistics for my real Soundclick webpage, Beats4Legends. This is a normal day for me, this is NOT, by any means, my highest traffic score.

Discover How to Sell Beats Online Using Soundclick, MySpace and Various Producer Forums!

Most producers don’t want you to know the secrets of Soundclick because it’s been giving a select few of us an unfair advantage over our competition… We’ve been racking in sales without even trying while some people can’t seem to figure it out!

Learn How to Sell Beats on Soundclick, MySpace and Forums

Gain Extra Income or Quit Your Day Job to Become a Music Producer

Go from 0 Experience to Expert Status by Reading the eBooks!

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The list goes on, and on, and on, and on….

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Note from the Author:

I was just like you at one point in my life. Struggling endlessly trying to sell rap beats on the internet and literally having no results. I’ve spent countless dollars on useless courses and material that didn’t work for me at all. The problem seems to be that the small number of producers who actually make money selling beats simply don’t want to share the information. I wrote these eBooks in order to break the standard, and as a producer who still pays rent from beat sales, I can assure you that the tactics in these eBooks work NOW, in 2010. The best beat selling tips have never been so easily available.

Selling beats should be an easy task for any producer. Honestly, if you beat makers out there are trying to sell your beats and you’re not seeing any success from it at all, I have to tell you… There are literally hundreds of producers online who are cashing in on this musical gold mine as we speak! To sell beats online is as simple as understanding the market and jumping in! I hope this page will help you in your efforts to sell rap beats.


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