How to Sell Beats on Twitter Fast and Easy

How to Sell Beats on Twitter!

If you’re just starting out trying to sell beats on Twitter, then this article may point you in the right direction. While we have many courses which talk about Twitter, our best and most Twitter-oriented course is Nuclear Traffic Meltdown, and other courses available on the home page. But this free article will give you enough information to begin promoting yourself and making more money selling beats on Twitter.

The first thing to consider is that on Twitter, there is roughly a 14% follow-back ratio for the majority of users. So if you follow 100 targeted leads, you’re likely to receive about 14 of those users following you back. So simply following lots of targeted users and then unfollowing the sorry suckers who don’t follow you back after a few days is enough to build your Twitter numbers up vigorously.

This tactic has been around for a long time, and Twitter marketing has never been so easy. One of the best things about Twitter is it is assumed you will be posting 20-30 times a day. “Tweets” are very small and so the posts are usually more about quantity than quality.

Using the software linked to below in this same article can help you achieve higher results, and we even have a discount coupon code for you to use if you’re trying to sell beats on Twitter quickly and would like to improve your abilities using automation. A while ago, Tweet Adder 4.0 went out of business and so a lot of people stopped using this kind of automation. But now things have changed and there are more options available for you.

Did the new Tweet Adder 4.0 update wipe out your ability to make serious money on Twitter? I seriously doubt it, watch the video below and I’ll explain why I am 100% certain that Tweet Attacks, which is a comparable software with improved capabilities, is even more powerful than ever.

Selling Beats on Twitter

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This simple tactic can help you achieve great results. Aside from that, you can always use DM (direct messaging) to get a hold of new clients who choose to follow you back. The options within the software will help you achieve all of this. While these tactics may seem simple, the fact is I started my business using nothing but Twitter marketing.

Learning how to sell beats on Twitter is simply about finding the right targeted leads and following them, interacting with them, and responding to those who follow you back. They call it social networking because, in fact, that’s what you’re doing the most on Twitter.

The Power of Teamwork with Social Networking

One of the most powerful ways to utilize social media is to actually build a team. A lot of people would consider this the same thing as having a street team except it’s all online. An online street team can make or break your entire campaign. If you have a team of people pushing your website, though, it’s a lot easier to make money and get the traffic you need.

But how do you get other people involved? What’s in it for them?

Well, that’s a good question, and in fact you need to be able to answer this question for the people you’re trying to recruit to your street team. Personally I think one of the best ways to utilize other people in your marketing efforts is to make it so they actually share in on some of the success.

For instance why not collect a handful of artists and create a website that showcases all of your music at once? That way you can create incentive for others to promote your website and their own iTunes links or music will be promoted as well. By doing this you can create a “team” kind of feeling, and everybody contributing to promoting means you’re going to be able to gain success that much easier.

If you can get other artists involved for this reason, that should be enough to get a team going!

Once you have a team of money makers all working for your website and promoting your own offers, it’s at that point that each individual member can then start their own individualized online street team as well. In their case, more like a street team of fans who will simply share and support your movement.

So if each individual is promoting your website and those people are deliberately asking for retweets, shares and support, then you’re putting yourself in a position to have a viral campaign going. If every time you post something, 10 members of your team post it as well, and their individual supporters share those posts, then you’ve got yourself a great campaign going for traffic that is pretty much free.

If you can create incentive good enough to make the average Joe artist or fan want to join your team, then you’ve won the game. In fact, since I’m the one who taught you how powerful sharing can be in it’s simplest form, would you please do me a favor and share this blog post to your favorite social network? Thanks a lot!

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