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We are a company that was built to help you learn how to sell beats online. We’ve been in business for over five years now, starting officially with our own legally registered company SellBeatsNow / Beats4Legends LLC back in May of 2009. Now, over five years later, I am a happy home owner and have two cars along with a beautiful family.

Are you a music producer who wants to sell beats online at a faster rate? Maybe you’ve never even entered the online world and you have no idea where to sell beats. Either case is absolutely fine, contact us or purchase a course today on this website in order to bring your stats up in the online world.

It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from or how good your beats are honestly. The only difference is the better the beat the more you can charge! So contact us today and discover how selling beats can be easily achieved!

Free Information on Selling Beats Online

Twitter Marketing
how to sell beats
Learn how to sell beats online using Twitter.


selling beats online
Learn how to use email marketing to sell beats automatically. 

Google Marketing
sell beats online
Discover tricks and tips on how to rank your site on Google. 

Soundcloud Promo
beat selling
Soundcloud strategies to bring you to the next level. 

Soundclick Promo
sell rap beats

Ranking on Soundclick will be a lot easier than you might think.

Buy Courses on How to Sell Beats Online

If you are interested in selling beats, please be sure to purchase courses from the list below on how to sell beats online. There’s no better way to gain power as a businessman than to increase your education and knowledge, which by itself is a form of power. Buy courses on Google, Soundclick, Soundcloud and more from the list below and become a stronger candidate for music promotion than ever before.

The Beat Selling Monster

Beat Selling Monster
Get Huge Traffic in 2015
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Web Design Crash Course

Web Design Crash Course
Learn to Design Your Own Website
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The Ultimate Salesman

The Ultimate Salesman
Become a Master Salesman
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eBay Quick Cash Machine

Sell Beats Advanced
Sell Your Stuff on eBay
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The Sales Thief

The Sales Thief
Steal sales directly from your competition
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The Game Plan

The Game Plan
A great all-around beat selling course
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Automation Mindset

Automation Mindset
Media buys, auto-pilot beats & more
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The Beat Down

Sell Beats Advanced
$.01 Adwords Clicks, Tricks to Sell Beats
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Power the eBook

Power the eBook
Discover the 3 Forms of Power
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Viral Google Domination

Viral Google Domination
Rank on Google Using Viral Links
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The Reverse Engineer

The Reverse Engineer
How to Rank on Soundclick & YT
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Nuclear Traffic Meltdown

Nuclear Traffic Meltdown
Massive Twitter & Traffic Course
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3 eBooks for the Price of 1

Starters Selling Beats 
These are the Beginner eBooks
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Become a student

One of the best ways for us to help you achieve in your career is to research into your business personally and review it.

Becoming a student is a perfectly affordable way to up your game very quickly. By talking to HB directly for 30 days you will quickly find ways to improve your sales funnel and business strategies. For testimonials and more information on our widely respected student program click the button below. 

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Watch This Video Before Hiring for Web Design

Need Sales Ready Design?

Your website will be built specifically to convert sales and turn your company more revenue. We’re not just going to set up your website, we are going to help your sale-ability as well! For the price you simply won’t find a better value anywhere. Our service is totally and absolutely top notch though the prices are still inexpensive, beating all of our top competitor’s.

$499 for basic. This comes with a great looking website and a custom header.

$799 for pro. Comes with more bells and whistles to fit marketing & more graphics.

$1099 for masters. Comes with it all…

Full list of comparison options and portfolio  here

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Courses Available:
Web Design Crash Course $97.00
Design killer websites with no coding skills!

Beat Selling Monster $59.00
An ASS-KICKER of a course! WOW!

The Ultimate Salesman $34.95
Never struggle for big sales & return customers again!

eBay Quick Cash Machine $30.00
Make $ on eBay even without products!

Power eBook $25.00
Gain power. Domination marketing..

The Game Plan $24.95
The ultimate beginners plan

Automation Mindset $34.95
Media buys, squeeze pages & marketing

The Sales Thief $24.95
Literally STEAL Sales

Nuclear Traffic Meltdown $49.95
1,000′s of TARGETED Twitter followers daily

Google Domination 2.0 $39.95
Rank on Google in 2013

The Reverse Engineer $39.90
Soundclick & YouTube: DRIVE TRAFFIC!!!

Starters eBook's $14.95
Soundclick, Forums & Basics

The Beat Down Course $29.95
1,000′s of Visitors: 1 Cent Clicks!

Get a massive discount by buying all courses at once for only $199!