Here is an Email Marketing Plan for Producers

Here is an Email Marketing Plan to Help you Achieve Results Fast

A lot of people just need the right email marketing plan to achieve high results with their actions. It’s easy to get email marketing setup correctly and start earning more income using email marketing today. I don’t know where I’d be if I wasn’t building a mailing list the entire time I’ve been in business.

Truthfully, using the best auto responders and working hard to achieve high results has completely changed the game for me. When I first started out several years ago, I knew I was in for a wild ride trying to run a business. I quickly found that sending traffic to your website wasn’t ever going to be enough. It was much more logical to think about building something rather than just endlessly sending traffic to then lose the potential client because they click away from the website.

I found that if you are able to offer high value, for free, then you can easily achieve higher results. Like many of the courses available on, I’d like to teach you some awesome abilities of the email marketing world that can change your perspective on marketing in general. What if instead of just trying to get somebody on your mailing list without purpose or bribery, you came up with an email marketing plan that helps you achieve higher numbers, faster?

This could easily help you tower the sales charts and enable you to make more money from your beats, or whatever else it is that you’re selling online. The fact is, building a mailing list means you are actually building a list of possible clients. Even if they don’t buy from you right away, if you provide them with great free content and help them do whatever it is they’re trying to do without asking for money, then your sales will naturally go up. You build trust this way, enabling others to think of your website as a resource, not just a place to spend money.

This email marketing strategy only works if you get your opt-in rate high and your conversion rates high as well. So let’s first begin by talking about how to get the opt-in rate you’re looking for.

Increasing your Opt-In Rate

Your opt-in rate refers to the number of people who join your mailing list after seeing your sign-up form. What do you think your opt-in rate is for your website? Well, if you’re like most newbies, you probably haven’t set up a proper email marketing plan yet, and so your opt-in rate is probably dismal. If you don’t know what your opt-in rate is, then that is proof that this is probably new to you, and you could set your email marketing up a bit more strongly.

Increasing your opt-in rate refers back to the “what’s in it for me?” question that your website visitors are asking themselves. If you are not offering some sort of incentive for joining your mailing list, whether it’s a free tagged rap beat or an exclusive PDF file that explains how to do exactly what your visitor is looking to do, then you are losing the opt-in battle.

You have to ask yourself, what is the biggest goal of your common website visitor? Are they looking to sell more beats online? If so, send them to our website here ;). Are they trying to make a career out of music? Perhaps a PDF full of record label addresses and phone numbers would be helpful to this person, or a free beat, or a PDF on marketing their music? Think about what your potential visitors may want and need, then provide it to them.

Once you’ve figured out who you’re marketing to, the next step is to create multiple forms with small differences and see which one gets a higher opt-in rate. A headline is 80% of the effectiveness of any advertisement, so just having the right advertisement can bring your numbers up significantly.

This brings us to split testing, which is one part of many when it comes to email marketing.

My Favorite Email List/Auto Responder!
Email Marketing Plan for $19/Month!

split testing forms

This is setup in Aweber, an auto responder. What an auto responder allows you to do is actually set up automated emails for people who join your mailing list. So let’s say you want to give away a free PDF in exchange for joining your mailing list, as a free token to help get them to make the choice to join so you can follow up later. Well, in an auto responder you can easily set up an automated email to be sent out the moment somebody joins the list.

Aside from that, one of the greatest things an auto responder can do is actually set up automated emails to be sent out every set number of days. So you could write 10 emails, each of them being informative and helpful as well as helping you sell your beats, and an auto responder could send one out each week to each subscriber individually.

This quote from Aweber might help you understand if you’re not following:

“Schedule a series of follow up emails for new subscribers to receive. Follow ups, also known as autoresponders, are perfect for the type of content that isn’t time-sensitive (such as an introduction to your company).” -Aweber

As you can see, Aweber is an awesome auto responder that can help you achieve higher results. I’ve had an Aweber account for years and I still use it for some of my marketing. It’s a perfect auto responder for the newbie, and it is extremely well priced for the number of features you get.

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My Favorite Email List/Auto Responder!
Email Marketing Plan for $19/Month!

I’ll add more to this blog post in the future and will continue to grow this website. We’ve got some major updates and upgrades coming in 2016. Don’t forget to purchase courses on our website to learn more about how to sell your beats online.

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