The Sales Thief - Steal Producer's Sales!

“Steal Sales from Your Competitors Easily like a Thief in the Night!”

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“Almost All of Competitions Returning Customers, Loyal Fans and their Best Buyers Will Visit YOUR Site Instead!”


OK so I asked a bunch of customers what they felt frustrated with and I got one response: THEIR COMPETITION SOAKING UP ALL THE SALES!


The Sales Thief is a product perfected for people like you if that’s what you think to. The truth is that the top competitors in the beat game have been keeping an IRON FIST on websites like Soundclick, which makes it very hard for you to come up and join into the fun. So why not give them a piece of their own medicine?

Screw working 12 hours a day and still not seeing results… Why don’t we just… STEAL the competitions sales instead?


That’s what I’m saying!

This might… Blow your mind.


“Steal Competitor’s Sales Daily!”


This is intense. This is literally an entire PRODUCT & course which teaches you exactly how to go from no sales to soaking up your competitor’s sales nearly overnight! There’s truly not much information on the internet which truly is more powerful, easier to implement or faster to see results then what I’m about to teach you in The Sales Thief.

“Don’t Know if You Should Listen to Me? Well… I Have Established Myself Quite Well on Google, Maybe That’ll Prove it to You!”


“Haha, OK so Maybe I Went a Bit Overboard with Google:”






If you are going to buy ANY beat marketing info, this is the one to buy!! It covers everything from the beginning to the end!! How to set-up a website,where to get FREE tools!! I can officially say so long to any 9-5 job and make beats full time!!! Thanks!! – Hit Box Films

-These Results Are Not Typical, Results Will Vary-


“If You’re New to Selling Beats, This Could Quite Literally Double or Triple Your Current Sales”

If you start here, you could be making sales in the next few weeks. It all depends on how hard you do it! The techniques here are all free and there’s NO competition right now… But after picking up this product, the only competition you’ll see is the people who BOUGHT this same course!!! Meaning its first come, first serve traffic and sales.

“I’m Not Even Working Anymore and I Still Make Sales Every Single Day”


“On TOP of Stealing Sales, We Have some Exciting Totally Untouched, Non-Competitive Markets for You to Dominate!”



-These Results Are Not Typical, Results Will Vary-

I love the key points of optimizing the website and also about getting traffic with no sales. Great information so far!-Blitz Beats


The kind of work you’re doing here to sell your beats is going to be as simple as pie. But on top of the amazing information we reveal about how to steal sales from competitors, we’re going to also reveal a couple totally untapped markets that NOBODY in the beat game is picking up on right now.

We’re talking about ZERO competition in the beat-world… No producers are doing this, and its a way to soak up a TON of targeted visitors who not only rap, but are interested in making it their career to rap.

I know we say this all the time, but in terms of quick-tricks, this may be the very best product we’ve ever put out. It’s AMAZING and it’s something NOBODY has dared to do… Until now.

The coolest thing I think about this tactic is that its all free. There’s no programs you need to buy, its very minimal work (because nobody is doing it right now), and it’s going to jet your business onto a whole different level. Don’t ever be slowed down by your competition again, instead make THEIR success YOURS by stealing their sales and tapping into this amazing market!


The info given about email marketing, collecting emails and why it is useful is straight on. Great info!– Blitz Beats



“I wasn’t even aware of some of the possibilities and avenues I could take advantage of to achieve outstanding promotion.” – Andrew C.

-These Results Are Not Typical, Results Will Vary-



“I have been a producer using FL Studio for almost six years now, and I must admit this eBook blew my mind.” – Andrew C.

-These Results Are Not Typical, Results Will Vary-


“If you want to take your potential business seriously, this is how to do it!” – Andrew C. (

-These Results Are Not Typical, Results Will Vary-



“Man I Cant Thank You Enough..Wait Im Sure I Will Be Thanking You More Than Enough In The Coming Months. P.S. Please Hold Firm On Taking It Off The Market!! I Want It All To Myself Lolz Nah Man Sharing This Stuff Is Like Karma On Another Level Your Seriously Blessing Everyone With This!” – Paul Silver

-These Results Are Not Typical, Results Will Vary-


The Sales Thief

Limited Edition Course

Current Price:


This Price is for a Limited Time & We Retain
the Right to Remove the Product at Any Time

P.S. This course is great if you want QUICK sales, LONG TERM results and opportunities which nobody is picking up on. This is some seriously intense marketing and there’s a LOT more to it than you might think!

P.P.S. As a friend, I don’t want you to miss out on this. There’s about 5-6 ways for you to make quick sales and steal them RIGHT under the noses of your fiercest competition.

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